Sticky Fingers Kitchen

About Us


Where we started

Sticky Fingers is a family owned and operated business that all started from a vision of the founder, Justin Hodge to fill a void (Lack of Quality Food and Flavors) in local food options in his area. He started by creating a catchy and unique name and logo for the business and the rest was history. Knowing that he wanted to keep the menu simple, it made it easy to perfect every aspect of it and offer nothing but the best food and flavors. It took a few years to find the right location and area but once he did, he just knew that this was the right spot (Flagship Location in Carpentersville). Once the location was locked in, he teamed up with a long-time friend, Kevon Brooks and made his dream come true. With the help of close family and friends, countless hours of hard work and dedication he was able to create the masterpiece that you see now in Sticky Fingers. Sticky Fingers will soon be a National household name and will soon offer great franchise opportunities in the near future to come. Stay tuned and #GetSticky